The Pepper  Pete's mission is for their customers to indulge not only in their delicious, surprising caramel treats but in a moment of unrestrained fun.  Pepper Pete’s is for kids of all ages, young and old. They believe that you deserve, nah, need  those moments of playful silliness. 
Pepper Pete's encourages you to express, and celebrate, both the spicy and sweet sides or your personality. They want your to embrace your creativity, we all have it but sometimes as adults we can forget. 
The Pepper Pete's brand can be summed up into one word, hyjinks.
Logos were formed using a brand descriptor line, "Spicy & Sweet Caramel Treats", with vertical and horizontal options to work in a variety of layouts. 
Logos were also created without the brand descriptor line. It’s ok to use the logo without the descriptor line, just so long as it is clear elsewhere in the design what the product is. The Pepper Pete’s name within the logo can also be oriented off to the right side of the pepper icon to accommodate certain layouts.
Black and White versions were created to use as a stamp or emblem on apparel. 
Additional Brand Assets
Heat Scale Icons were created to use on product packaging and have the ability to be applied to other flavors and heats by utilizing other brand colors. 
Domus titling and Domus are bold playful fonts that offer a versatile weight selection. The rounded edges gives it a youthful childlike quality that felt right in-line with the brands message that you don't have to outgrow your childlike playfulness. Domus Titling is utilized in titles and headlines. Domus Regular will be used for body copy. 
Type designed by Shoko Mugikura and Tim Ahrens. From Just Another Foundry.
This range of colors was chosen so that the Pepper Pete's brand could grow into a variety of pepper flavored products utilizing the various colors for each or a combination of a few to represent a different product. This color palette also has a youthful quality and offers a good color scale for describing heat factors for the full product line. 
Primary Colors
Secondary Colors
Collateral Materials
The business card design aims to be more playful with caramel drips oozing down the top of the card and pooling at the bottom.  The front has the full primary logo and the reverse side of the card has basic contact info and space to jot down some quick notes.
The letterhead and envelope designs feature clean lines for a professional polished look, while maintaining the brand aspects. The reverse side of the letterhead features a horizontal logo fit in the center of the page so that when tri-folded into an envelope, the logo is front and center. 
Pepper Pete's Apparel includes t-shirt designs in a variety of colors and logo treatments. The primary colors are used as the t-shirt colors themselves with the black and white logos used as over-sized elements. Also available as a plain white  t-shirt in which the primary logo is reduced and over the left side pocket. Pepper Pete's Apparel also includes hat designs utilizing the primary colors with an emblem of the primary logo on a white hat.
Packaging Prototype
The packaging design is a square box which contains 6 individually wrapped pieces of caramels. The caramels are cut to be slim and rectangular and fit in the box side by side. The top of the packaging in addition to the main face will highlight the flavor of the contents as well as the color will inform the flavor, in this case the classic green color represents the classic jalapeño pepper flavor. The side will show the heat rating one being sweet and mild, if all peppers are filled in then the heat factor will be ULTRA-SPICY!
The brown paper bag will be available for larger purchases and features the black outline version of the logo printed on the bag. 
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