The typeface  and decorative framing elements for the logo were inspired by Kristen's love of old Hollywood. They remind you of early films title cards in a traditional opening scene. 
Horizontal version
The logo in white on a dark background.
Once we settled on the final version of the logo I recommended new fonts and color to utilize with her website to create more cohesion with the new logo and to better capture her voice. 
     Raleway Bold
        PT Serif
I choose a crimson red that has a classic red carpet glamour feel. It reminds us of red velvet curtains pulled back to reveal a movie screen. It also incorporates well into the rating system as rose red.  
I chose a not quite pure black for copy that also serves as a nice backdrop to the logo to reinforce that old film title card vibe we're going for. 
Rose Rating System
The rose rating system was born out of an initial logo concept I had shown Kristen. We opted not to use it for her logo but she liked it so much that we turned it into a rating system she could use with her film reviews. The concept started as a play on Kristen's last name "Rose" and the traditional flower given for a great performance. The style was inspired by art deco and fit in nicely with the theme of old hollywood glamour. 
A Dozen Roses
A spectacular film worthy of a shower of flowers or at least a dozen roses. A bouquet and a standing ovation from me! A must see film! One of my all time favorites. Thought provoking, well crafted, enriching and transformative.
A Few Roses
Great, memorable, moments of brilliance.
A Single Rose
Good, interesting concept/execution.
A Bud
Flawed had more potential than developed into, mediocre.
Wilted rose
Disappointing, regrettable, frustrating.
A Dying Rose 
Fail, shameful, gouge my eyes out with the thorns of the stem! How do I get back the time I wasted?!
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